realtors need proper authorization

No person shall trade in real estate unless that person has proper authorization (Real Estate Act s.17(a))

1. John Doe

Real estate associate registered with Northern Lights Realty Ltd. o/a Royal Lepage Northern Lights Realty
• In January 2020, John contacted a buyer client to arrange to show them a commercial property
• John drove the buyer and their assistant to a commercial property
• John contacted an agent via telephone in the property parking lot, which they believed would be listing the property
• John was advised that the property was not listed at this time, however the agent was already dealing with a potential buyer
• John entered the property and spoke with the secretary, advising the secretary that they were in contact with the agent and were advised the property might be for sale
• John arranged to have the secretary show the property to the buyers
• From January 2020, through February 2020, John was in contact with the buyer to discuss and provide commercial listings for them
• During this time John was not licensed to practice commercial real estate
• $2,500

Learning Opportunity:

Licensees must only provide services they are licensed to provide. Consumers should have confidence that licensees who engage in real estate activities have received the proper training and are competent to practice in that industry. In these cases, the licensees were not licensed to practice in commercial or property management.

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