Lake Bonavista? An Incredible Location to Have Your Home

lake bonavista

First Man-Made Lake Community in Calgary

You wouldn’t know it, but at one time lake communities weren’t popular in Calgary. So when lake Bonavista was created, it became the first Calgary community to include a man-made lake as the feature of the neighborhood. And since lake Bonavista success, we find them popping up all over the south part of Calgary.

A Fantastic Opportunity

Welcome to the original lake community, a fantastic opportunity to find some of the best homes in all the city while other communities feel new and untested lake Bonavista is certainly an established well loved neighborhood. Come let us show you around. As we explore why lake Bonavista has become synonymous with quality in the Calgary community landscape, let’s start where everybody starts in this neighborhood at the lake.

A Center of all Activity

It becomes the center of all activity here, and certainly a huge part of the value in the community. In fact, if you ask any resident here, they’ll proudly tell you how they love their lake and all the benefits of living next to such a pristine body of water.

Lake Bonavista Park

It’s a residents only park that requires property in lake Bonavista just to access it. And of course you can certainly have friends over to join for a swim or a picnic by the water. It’s an all season event with summer swimming and winter skating, being the top activities here, it’s been that way. Ever since lake Bonavista was established and constructed in the late seventies and early eighties. And it’s only been getting better since then.

Two Smaller Sub-Communities

Did we mention that there’s more than one lake, lake Bonavista is actually made up of two smaller sub communities, lake Bonaventure and Bennett venture downs. The second lake is just an added bonus and a great place for the family to soak in the summer sun mature trees lined the streets, providing privacy and shade for your home. Finding somewhere to live with room for the whole family will not be a challenge here.

An Incredible Location

Lake Bonavista sits at an incredible location in Calgary Southeast, right next to MacLeod trail bow, bottom trail and Anderson drive its position allows residents to get anywhere they need to go very quickly.

Commuting, Shopping, Entertainment? Not a Problem

Commuting is so easy here made even better with the C train station just only five minutes away. So even though residents live in these quiet streets in a suburban paradise, they have access to the rest of the city, just minutes from their front door. And speaking of just minutes away, cell center mall is literally right next door home to dozens of stores for all your shopping needs, then go catch a flick at the cheap theaters for just $5 at the Canyon Meadows Cinemas sounds like a perfect date. Night to us.

Proximity to Fish Creek Park

Part of Lake Bonavista’s appeal that is often overlooked is its proximity to Fish Creek Park. Fish Creek Park is one of the largest urban parks in North America, stretching 12 miles from east to west. With an area larger than five full sections of land; that’s over 5 square miles! It is more than three times the size of Vancouver’s Stanley Park.
Fish Creek flows throughout the length of this natural reserve and eventually flows into the Bow River on the east side of the park. There is also another man-make lake (Sikome Lake) within the park. If you love to hike or bike there’s 100 km (62 mi) of paved and unpaved trails.
Most of the park is forested and it is home to many local deer, coyotes, owls, beavers, and much more! over 200 bird species have been seen in the park, including great blue herons.

A Community Close to Nature

Look for several of your neighbors, walking along the trails, biking the past, or setting up a picnic in the park. It’s not rare to find a deer or two coming up from the park and meandering over your front lawn.

Safe and Secure Environment to raise Kids

Now that of course is a great feature for the families of lake Bonavista the 10,000 plus people living in these streets over 16 are children under the age of 15. That’s a huge portion of the community that looks to live here for a safe, secure streets to raise their kids.

Fantastic Schools Near-by

It’s a plus that so many fantastic schools are right here. Lake Bonavista school, Sam Livingston school and Saint Bonaventure school are just a few of the choices in the neighborhood, but we love that several high schools are also close by as well. We think it’s important to love where you live and we know you’re going to love lake Bonavista.

True Quality Living

Lake Bonavista offers true quality living with an abundance of amenities. You won’t find any other lake community in Calgary is such a well established neighborhood. From many perspectives this is the best type of neighborhood this city has to offer. If this taste of Bonavista leaves you hungry for more contact us and we’d be happy to give you a tour or talk about finding your perfect Lake Bonavista home.