Houses for Sale in Calgary

Calgary is currently home to over 1.34 million people and it continues to open its doors to more people on the lookout for houses for sale in Calgary. The City of Calgary is known by so many aliases. It is called the Heart of the New West, Stampede City, and Cow Town. “The city where the Prairies end and the foothills begin” offers a combination of natural wild-west landscape, downtown commercialism, and diverse urban amenities.

City description

The city of Calgary is divided into four quadrants which are the Northwest, Northeast, Southwest, and Southeast quadrant. The Calgary Tower splits the city from east to west while the Bow River divides it from North to South.  If you look at a map of Calgary you will notice that it is laid out like a mushroom. The top is wide and short like the cap and the southern section is longer and more narrow. The north of the city extends about 100 blocks from the Bow River (city centre) while south Calgary is about twice that at 200 blocks away from the river.

 The most in demand and expensive homes tend to be in Calgary’s northwest and southwest quadrants of the city. The neighborhoods are set more in the foothills than the east side of Calgary is. The rolling hills bring more opportunities for walkout basements and mountain views. The northwest has the most rugged terrain and tends to get a bit more snow and cooler weather than in the south. Locals often say that the city is like two towns with northerners and southerners. The east side of Calgary is flatter and has more industry but there are many attractive neighborhoods as well.  Calgary’s northeast quadrant offers some of the quickest downtown commutes and if you search it out shopping can be less expensive and more diverse than other parts of the city..

There are four satellite towns all within a few kilometers from the city limits; Cochrane, Airdrie, Okotoks, and Strathmore. Each has it’s own unique appeal. Airdrie is a few kilometers north of Calgary and is I vibrant young business friendly town. Cochrane is to the west and is more set in the rolling foothills. The Bow River runs along the south side of this small town the Stoney Reserve is about 15 kilometers west. Okotoks is on the Sheep River and is a bit less hilly than Cochrane and being south of Calgary the weather tends to be a bit milder.  To the east Strathmore has more of a western flare. Until a few years ago it was home to a stockyard which set to stage with what locals called “The sweet smell of  money”. With the aroma no longer lingering Strathmore’s become more appealing for young families. Of the four towns it is the furthest being about a 20 minute drive from Calgary.  

Famous attractions & things to see

Located in the foothills of the Rocky mountains, lovers of the great outdoors will find plenty to do in this city. The Canada Olympic Park which hosted the 1988 winter Olympics is one of the most well-known spots in the city. The park is open for professional athletic training and the general public to ski and snowboard. Bobsledding and public skating are also quite popular in Calgary.

Calgary has more than 8,000 hectares of parkland providing sufficient space for those that enjoy hiking, running cycling, and other outdoor activities. The city also offers great opportunities for sightseeing. There’s the Calgary zoo which is an ideal place to visit in the warmer months. You can catch some National Hockey League games at the Saddledome or take a family-friendly visit to Heritage Park Historical Village.

The 127 acres park is considered a living museum with over 200 exhibits which gives you plenty of options in terms of sights and attractions. Fish Creek Park is another popular destination. This park which is the second-largest urban park in Canada and is the only provincial park within the boundaries of a city. 

Housing in Calgary

The city of Calgary is quite diverse geographically. You are more likely to find separate detached houses instead of high-rise multi-story buildings. New condo units are also popping up around the city providing a boost for the readily available stream of residential properties in the city.

Compared to other large Canadian cities housing in Calgary is comparatively inexpensive. On average, a single-family home will cost around $500,000.00. Condos for sale Calgary are priced at around $200,000 and up while semi-attached and townhouses for sale Calgary run from $300,000 and up.

Like most Canadian cities, the downtown neighborhoods of Calgary such as Kensington and Marda Loop boutique areas have homes that tend to be more expensive than the average. However, an upside to living in downtown Calgary homes is that you don’t need to spend a lot on public transportation or pay hefty parking fees. The Calgary suburbs have grown increasingly in recent times with newer and typically larger homes being built in this part of the city.


Your choice of where to buy or rent a home in Calgary depends on various factors such as your lifestyle and age. Young families tend to prefer Calgary homes for sale in the suburbs where their kids can easily walk to school. However, older couples with university-aged children prefer to stay closer to the University of Calgary in the NW quadrant of the city. The downtown core is ideal for single people more akin to the urban lifestyle. You can find an array of Calgary houses to choose from on mls Calgary listings.