Auburn Bay Homes For Sale Are Terrific

Lake Life All Year Round

Welcome to one of Calgary’s premier lake communities for families, couples, and well just about everyone. Take your pick of some of the best properties in all of south of Calgary at Auburn bay.

Lovely People Around

This substantially big community feels quite small. Once you move in, you always see someone, you know, from down the road, your kids will love making new friends with those living around you. And, of course, the main reason that people fall in love with Auburn Bay is the pristine lake that is central to the community. It’s a huge drawing feature for living here.

Swimming, Boating, Fishing and a lot more!

Come on along as we walk you through the community and show you around. You’re just going to love it. This lake is active all year round, a four-season center of activity, swimming and boating in the summer, ice, fishing, and hockey in the winter. It’s more than just a body of water it’s the heartbeat of the community and part of the glue that holds it together so tightly.

Stress-free Life

Stress-free life around the lake makes it easy to unwind. Pristine sandy beaches, playgrounds, a splash park, sporting courts, and picnics on the grass are the answers to many of life’s little hiccups. Did we mention it’s exclusively for residents only? Yes, this exclusive lake is designed for Auburn bay residents only; a major perk of living here. You’ll know that when your family is at the lake it is a fun and secure place to be.

It’s About Setting Down Roots

Get to know your neighbors at Auburn Bay. Yes, all 17,000 of them. That’s right. This coveted community has a population bigger than many small towns in Alberta. You’ll also be interested in knowing that Auburn Bay residents love their community and they get involved.

Highest Engagement Levels

Auburn Bay has one of the highest engagement levels of all the communities in Calgary that have a lake. When you live here the pathways, lake amenities and stores in the community are where you meet up with friends. You’ll constantly bump into people, you know, and get to know those that you don’t. This family environment encourages you to get out and get to know one another. You know that’s what community it isn’t it. Really, the closer the community the more it feels like home; you’ll never want to leave.

Auburn Station

Auburn Station is the local commercial amenity center. Close to Seton’s Urban Development is Auburn Station which serves as Auburn Bay’s bustling retail hub. Here are some specific shops, boutiques, restaurants, and health service providers you’ll find in Auburn Station:

  • Prestige Dance Academy
  • Tim Horton’s
  • I Spa & Nails
  • Domino’s Pizza
  • XO Ice Cream & Waffles
  • Blackbird Public Urban Bar
  • Auburn Bay Dental (Optometry clinic)
  • Auburn Bay Veterinary Clinic

Auburn House – The Command Centre Fun

Auburn House is synonymous with the Auburn Bay lifestyle. It’s the community center and it brings the community together for recreation, programs, and fun! Located at 200 Auburn Bay Boulevard SE This is where you find the 43-acre lake and the 13-acre park space, by the way. There is also a gymnasium where you can shoot some hoops or have a rousing game of floor hockey. The Auburn House is the heart of this community and is fun-filled with programs and events to keep it that way. Don’t you think it’s time to look at the homes for sale in Auburn Bay?

Convenient Commuting

Residents also love that commuting is so convenient next to both Stony Trail and Deerfoot Trail. Living here everything is an easy reach. And when the green line C-Train station is built in the next few years, it will be even more connected to the rest of the city. And speaking of families, this community is just crawling with them.

Youngest Community in Calgary

Did you know that almost 30% of the neighborhood is under the age of 15? This is by all accounts one of the youngest communities in Calgary. It’s a thriving young place that’s perfect for raising your families.

Calgary’s Fastest Growing Community

When families in the city saw the attraction for settling down in Auburn Bay it quickly became one of Calgary’s fastest-growing communities. The area’s growth exploded one family and one adventure at a time.

Several Schools Around

You’ll also want to know that several schools in the area catered to the student population here. Auburn bay schools are designed for the little ones. It only has K to four, but it’s bursting at the seams. Several other schools, including some in the planning stage, provide more options in the area designed that offer all that you need.

Nothing is Ever Far Away

Auburn Bay has a good selection of shopping within the boundaries of the neighborhood. Get your groceries, work out or enjoy some of the best-frozen treats in the whole city. You simply have to check out XO Ice Cream and Waffles, a secret that locals like to keep to themselves. On e those nights out or to pick up about anything and everything that you would ever need head down the road to 130th Avenue shopping. Oh, and also you’re just next door to Seton where you can catch a movie! Nothing is ever far away when you live here; like the South Health Campus, a state-of-the-art hospital, right next door to your community.
We just simply love Auburn Bay.